Pre-school curriculum

Hands are key to learning and developing a solid sense of self.

2.5 to 5 years olds

  • Key note: young children are tactile and visual learners.
  • Able to recognise and remember all 26 letter sounds of the alphabet by the end of the year using the sandpaper letters. These letters hone their learning by tapping on the tactile aspect.
  • Able to recognise and remember numerals 1-10.
  • Master mathematical concepts such as rote counting from 1-10 in both fixed and loose quantities. Using materials such as Number Rods and Spindle Box.
  • Are able to blend and read 3 letter words fluently by end of the year.
  • Get introduced, learn to recognise and remember high frequency words (sight words) e.g. Is, Are, She, He, Her, Your.
  • They get introduced to the basic concept of reading by putting their phonetic knowledge to good use by reading specially tailored books.
  • Learn addition and subtraction concepts using the Short Bead Stairs and Number Rods. They fully understand and remember the concepts via the different types of materials used.
  • They also move on to recognising and remembering larger quantities such as 11-19 and 10-90 subsequently by the end of the year.
  • Work on enhancing their fine motor skills through Practical Life Exercises such as cutting and using the scissor-tweezers to transfer objects.

Typical Preschoolers Day:-

Any children that arrive before 8AM are offered breakfast.
Singing, weather and days of the week, topic discussion, alphabet and number recognition.
Circle time extended if the children are still interested, or else inside gross motor games related to the topic.
Fine motor activities i.e.: cutting, printing, counting small objects etc. These are done at the table while we prepare snacks.
Creatively use the Montessori activity center, sensory table, puzzles and other activities to focus on coordination and fine (small) muscles, also works on literacy, math & science
Children choose a center to play and switch the center after 10 minutes so they can play with each other. (Center includes sensory, cognitive, fine motor, dramatic play and construction activities). During this time, the lunch is prepared and director joins into activities with the children. Fun children’s music is played.