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Quality care

Our vision is to inspire young minds and we believe that all children are special and unique in their own way. Hence, Art and Soul Montessori carefully structured programmes aim to recognise the different needs of every child.


What Parents Say

"Being first time parents, it was very challenging for us to contemplate leaving our son in the care of someone else when I returned to work. However, we are very lucky that we were able to find Ms. Pooja and Ms. Janeesh.
I can tell you how attentive, caring and patient both Ms. Pooja and Ms. Janeesh are; how flexible the hours are; how clean the day homes are; about the no TV policy; the planned daily activities; the, if weather permitting, outdoor time; the flexibility in the program that accommodates differences between the kids; and the extension of the program to preschool. All those are wonderful, but at the end of the day, my son is left in a safe, loving, and nurturing environment."

Ruth Gordon

Tuscany, Calgary

"Art and Soul Montessori Day Home did a great job of helping our daughter feel comfortable and at home. She is happy everyday when we pick her up. Thanks Art and Soul Montessori!"

Christy Macfarlane

Arbour Lake, Calgary

"Our twins spent two years at nursery with Ms Pooja. We were continuously blown away by what they learned, and by the care. This period set them up so well for Kindergarten with skills in writing and numeracy, creativity, but also life skills such as being kind, listening, presenting to a group, yoga, how to take care of yourself, your body and others... We are so grateful!!!"

Cecilia Ekback

Canmore, AB

"We are thrilled to have our son cared for by Miss Jaineesh. He started just after they opened in the fall of 2016, as our older daughter had previously been cared for by Miss Jaineesh also, and even now that our daughter is in kindergarten has come back to spend some of the school breaks with her.

Pamela Roach
Tuscany, Calgary

"We are so grateful to have Sam in a preschool environment where he is loved, appreciated, and challenged in a way that helps him develop and grow."

Megan Sartore

Tuscany, Calgary

"My family is so thankful that A&S Montessori is a part of our lives! Our daughter loves going every day, and she has learned so much in a short time while also having a lot of fun."

Erin Pougnet

Tuscany, Calgary

"We brought our daughter into Art and Soul Infant/toddler program under Pooja's care when she was 11.5 months old and had a very good feeling about her and the Montessori program immediately."

Heather Riggs

Tuscany, Calgary

"Our children attended the Art & Soul Montessori and we've been very happy with our experience. It is obvious that miss Pooja genuinely cares for all of her kids and has a very kind and caring demeanor. We were always amazed at the fun crafts she was able to do with the kids (even when they were very young!), we appreciated the no TV policy, and we loved that the kids got outside nearly every day of the year. We will miss Pooja and her family very much now that our kids are going into school full time. We can't thank you enough for the role you've played in caring for our children!"

Vince and Trish B.

Tuscany, Calgary

"Our daughter has been going to the toddler A & S Montessori program for the past 6 months, and she seems to love it. As first time parents, we were very nervous about trusting our daughter to someone else's care, but as soon as we met Pooja, we felt this was the right place for our daughter. Pooja had such a warm, kind, and gentle approach and our daughter appeared very comfortable with her from day one. Pooja is very approachable and receptive to feedback or requests from us, and has been patient and understanding with our needs for reassurance. We are also always provided with updates about her day, new words or cute things our daughter has done, as well as pictures of her playing with her friends. Most importantly, our daughter truly seems happy when we pick her up and drop her off each day, and she really seems to be thriving in their care. We would not hesitate to recommend the A & S Montessori program to other parents."

Natalie Pacquin

Tuscany, Calgary

News Letters


Kids making anti-bullying craft on the Pink Day. “before you speak, think and act gentle. It’s hard to fix a wrinkle heart.” Program director, Art & Soul Montessori
Art and Soul Montessori’s essential goal is to develop the whole child. Our focus on social development while enhancing the intellectual capacity with brain based learning promote healthy bodies and minds.
We believe that you do not need to be gifted in art to help children to be creative. Give them an idea and some material to work with, before you know it, they will have created their own masterpieces.
Our programs contribute to the mandate of “Keeping Fit”. We offer age-appropriate gym area that can host toddlers and preschoolers to have fun activities and blow off some steam.